Seizing the day

IMG_4740It’s not very often I get the opportunity to extol the virtues of being out and about early; you’re more likely to find me in bed still at 9.30am. But we’re in Brighton for the weekend and I’ve always felt there’s something particularly appealing about the idea of being up and about early in a town like this.

Brighton is absolutely beautiful. It’s a lovely, quirky place on the South-east coast of England with so many wonderful things to do and see, I know there’s no chance of us doing it all in a weekend – especially when most of today will be taken up with Nat running the marathon. But it’s also incredibly busy – day tourists, long-term tourists and locals all throng the streets. I’m not fibbing when I say the drive through the middle yesterday to pick up the race pack was the worst driving I’ve ever done… and I’ve driven in Paris. So getting out and about this morning was even more blissful. IMG_4745

There is something akin to magic when you’re walking next to the sea at 6.30am. Especially when the day is dawning bright and the opportunities of everything you can achieve are there in front of you. There are hardly any people about and for a while you have the whole place to yourself. And it’s just calming and relaxing and full of possibilities.

I very rarely get out and about when I’m at home. The business of the day and the weight of everything that must be done keeps me in bed for too long. Maybe it’s time I tried it at home and experienced the dawns that the Peak District has to offer. I’m sure they’re just as beautiful as the ones Brighton can show me.

IMG_4752Of course, just as inspiration hit and I was heading back to write this, the RideBrighton bikes came through. I watched as hundreds whizzed there and back… and there and back… finally striking up a conversation with a nice martial who helped me pass the time while I waited for a gap. All those people, after all that calm. But even then, being up and about that early that I could watch them was pretty magical too. Especially when sitting in my lovely window and watching them all busy away while drinking a silent cup of tea. What bliss!

IMG_4754Are you an early bird? What’s the best thing you’ve ever caught sight of in the morning? Comment below and let me know.